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Dedicated to Society Members and mill enthusiasts throughout Ireland and beyond. Launched in October
2001, the Society aims to encourage and assist in the preservation and appreciation of mills as part of our Industrial, architectural landscape heritage.
Our Activities include:
* Sharing advice on restoration
* Facilitating lecture tours
* Publishing papers / articles

* Pooling members' expertise
* Promoting historical research
M.M.O.I. is a voluntary organisation which relies totally for support on general membership subscriptions and organisational work undertaken by elected honorary committee members each year.
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A quern-stone used for hand-grinding a wide variety of materials.
They were first used in the Neolithic period to grind cereals into flour

Scutching demonstrated by one of the  McConvile from Dromore

Archive Material Requests

M.M.O.I. collects large amounts of mill related historical information.
Our archivist spends many hours on these requests and therefore the society has decided to charge €50 for information supplied to non-members.
We can only answer queries concerning membership or events by email. 
All other enquiries should be made directly to our President & Archivist
Mr. William Hogg.
Care of: Fancroft Millhouse and Gardens,Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Phone: 00 353 505 31484
If you wish to contact us, e-mail:
or use the contact form

The stump of Dungannon Windmill, Co Tyrone. 

 Dungannon Windmill - Entrance Detail - Co Tyrone. 

Mills & Millers of Ireland c/o
Fancroft Millhouse and Gardens,
Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.
Phone: 00 353 505 31484
email: millsandmillersofireland@gmail.com

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